Mattress Cleaning

Sanitise Your Sleeping Space with Our Mattress Cleaning in Sydney

You spend up to a third of your life in your bed so make sure it’s clean and healthy. Use our mattress cleaning in Sydney to remove stains and sanitise your sleeping space.Mattress Cleaning Book this service to be sure of:

Mattress Cleaning

  • A comprehensive free quote before your work starts
  • Steam or dry cleaning according to the material of your mattress and any stains upon it, all cleaning agents are non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • All cleaning conducted by trained and experienced mattress cleaners
  • The most modern equipment used for the best possible results
  • Ultra-violet light cleaning to reduce or eliminate bed bugs
  • Appointments to suit your schedule and no extra charges for weekend cleaning

How We Deliver Professional Mattress Cleaning in Sydney

Your cleaners will arrive with the detergents and equipment they need to do the work. They’ll start by assessing the mattress in question, and advise you on the best cleaning approach and likely drying time if steam cleaning is to be used. Sometimes there are stains that are unlikely to respond to the cleaning process, if so we’ll tell you and you can decide if you want the cleaners to continue or not. We’ll always try if you request, but we’re professionals so we don’t make false promises. Your mattress will be vacuumed first, then pre-treatments may be applied before the main cleaning takes place.

Mattress CleaningCombine your mattress cleaning with another service, such as upholstery cleaning or curtain cleaning and you may be offered a discount against our rates for a single piece of work.

Book Your Sydney Mattress Cleaners

Ring our 24/7 line (02) 9098 1731, or use our booking form to get your free quote on Sydney mattress cleaning services. Alternatively, use our chat service to send us a question or request your booking. Chat’s always staffed so you’ll get an instant reply when you use it.