Steam Carpet Cleaning

Use Our Service for Carpet Steam Cleaning in Sydney for Superior Stain removal

Our service for carpet steam cleaning in Sydney utilises our cleaning technique of choice for stain removal for any carpet or rug where colours are fast and there’s no risk of shrinkage. Book it to be sure of:

  • Steam Carpet CleaningThe most effective stain removal technique method available
  • Quick cleaning and faster drying than you might expect – 90% of the water is removed during the cleaning process
  • The knowledge that all detergents used are both eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Cleaning provided by qualified and experienced carpet cleaners
  • In the event of an emergency we’ll advise you on measures you can take to minimise the damage and get to you as quickly as we can

What We’ll Do When You Ask for Carpet Steam Cleaning in Sydney

Steam Carpet CleaningOur cleaners will double-check to ensure that your carpet is suitable for steam cleaning. Any heavy staining will be pre-treated to ensure the best possible result when the main cleaning takes place. We have a range of detergents to choose from and our professional cleaners have lots of experience and matching the best cleaners to the fabric and the stain.

Combine your Sydney carpet steam cleaning with another service, maybe rug cleaning or leather cleaning for example. and you may get a reduction in your rate for the overall cost of your services!

Make Your Booking for Carpet Steam Cleaning in Sydney

Call us on our 24/7 number (02) 9098 1731 – you’ll get straight though to our office team who’ll provide your free quote and set up your booking. To make instant contact without picking up your phone type directly into the chat box at the bottom of this page, it’s always monitored so you’ll get an instant reply. Finally, if you’d like us to call you, just use our booking form to leave your contact details, and we’ll get back to you.